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Made from Premium steel, the quoits are manufactured to exacting tolerances. Weighing just under 5 ΒΌ lbs the CNC machined quoits are then hardened to allow them to withstand the rigours of the game.

We have supplied to most of the major Quoit organisations & clubs around the North East of England. The standard quoits are kept in stock at our Billingham factory. However, we can also manufacture ladies quoits and special quoits. Please contact us for a quotation. Please note that manufacture of special quoits may incur long lead times.

Using an enriched Carbon fluid, the quoits are case hardened to 65 Rockwell. Incorporating this process allows us to achieve maximum hardness whilst achieving a lovely matt silver/grey finish.

Each Quoit is stamped with our company logo, so you can be assured that this marking is the guarantee of quality.