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Latest Investment

With confidence to move forward in the current climate. SMC have purchased VMX48-40t VMC the largest machine in the Hurco range, putting SMC on the map as having one of the largest Vertical Machining Centre in the North of England.

Our commitment to invest in the latest technology has seen 75% of our machine range replaced in the last 6 years. We feel that by providing high level training and the latest technology SMC are best placed to meet your Engineering requirements. This is a philosophy SMC are committed too as we have seen the benefits of re-investment in our Staff and Plant equipment.

Hurco VMX84-40T Specifications

  • Plates / Billets up to 2.1M x 1.0M x 1.0M can be worked on without the need to move or manhandle once sited on machine, lending itself to far greater accuracy when producing large tooling or Models
  • “X” Axis Travel = 2.134M
  • “Y” Axis Travel = 1.0M
  • “Z” Axis Travel = 1.0M

Stockton Machine Company Limited

Control Features

  • WinMax Twin Screen with WinMax software.
  • Accurately estimated run times (allows for greater planning
  • Selectable Surface finish quality.

Programming Features

  • All forms of Milling (Circle, Frame, Face and Pocket ETC).
  • All forms of Drilling (Chip Breaker, Gun, Peck, Dwell ETC).
  • 3D and blend Arc 3D.
  • Automated Lube system allowing for smooth movement during machining operations assuring better machining accuracies.
  • Machine is accurate to within 0.0025mm machining accuracies.
  • Spindle speed of 12,000 RPM ensuring high speed machining coupled with unrivalled accuracy.

Mazak Nexus Quickturn 250-IIMY

  • Equiped with a Hydrafeed bar feed, the Mazak Nexus Quickturn 250-IIMY enables us to produce quality components efficiently and accurately. The machine comes with full Y axis capabilities enabling us to adopt Mazak’s ‘Done in One’ philosophy by doing away with second and third machining operations.
  • The machine has intelligent advanced functions like an ‘Active Thermal Shield’ which allows for high accuracy compensation for spindle expansion and an intelligent safety shield which allows us to model the parts parametrically to check for interference using ‘Virtual Machining’.
  • With a 10” chuck (or collet capability) and a 77mm diameter spindle bore, the machine is capable of tackling the largest of repetitious jobs.
  • The machine can be programmed on the shop floor using Mazak’s latest generation Mazatrol conversational CNC control offering a range of intelligent functions for increased productivity and ease of operation.
  • The machine can also be programmed offline using Mazak’s MatrixCAM. This program can simulate virtual machining, accurate cycle times, collision checking & 2D CAD drawing Import. The control is based on the Mazatrol Matrix control as mounted on the machine, meaning anyone versed in Mazatrol can operate MatrixCAM.